Saturday, 31 March 2012

Arms and Jihad legitimate in fighting foreign occupation and subjugation in all Somali inhabited lands. It is lawful and legitimate under International Law for Somalis to resist foreign invasion through arms. The immedate removal of the following Western backed stooges Faroole, Sharif, Silaanyo by any means necessary is paramount to end the foreign inspired, neo colonial designs on Somali inhabited regions. Al Shabab are the only group fighting a continued occupation of Somalia. It is high time Somalis rally round any group which defies the neo colonial conspiracy to subjugate the Somali inhabited lands into corrupt cantons incapable of defending their land borders. This situation will hit a dead end as we have witnessed by the grace Allah the peaceful removal of Western backed stooges in the Arab world. Africa and the Islamic world will rise and fight the neo colonial obsession with war, the blood of Muslims and propping of ineffective secular leaders who are hell bent on serving their foreign clients.

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